Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cape Cod, The Continuing Saga; Part 4 The Accidental Nudist

The Accidental Nudist

Normally, kids change from their swimsuits to dry clothing by having mom or dad wrap a towel around them.  Right?  Well, fast-forward, and picture a 70 something woman doing the same thing with the husband holding the towel. We are simply changing our clothing.  What could possibly go wrong? Oh, and did I mention it was a very windy day?

The hubs is holding onto the towel and trying to protect his wife from the elements. She is squirming away struggling to get out of her very wet one piece and into dry clothing. Then the wind picks and whips the towel out of his hands.  What?  All of a sudden our family friendly beach gets a lot hotter.  She flashes the entire beach with tits and ass.  Moms are holding their hands over their children’s eyes.  My wife is holding her hand over my eyes.  Hey no fair!  The husband madly grabs at the towel and wraps it around his beloved stripper of a wife in a sad attempt to preserve any dignity that she has left.

After a few more minutes of changing in the makeshift cabana, the wife emerges once again.  As I’m looking at her something is slightly amiss. Something is not quite there.  Well I’ll tell you what is not there; she is not wearing a shirt.  No, she is wearing just her bra and shorts.  Well apparently she lost all of her dignity when she flashed the beach because she is gathering up the chairs, towels, coolers and such prancing around in her bra.  I scan the beach and every guy within flashing distance is riveted on her.  It’s not every day that we get to see a naked woman on a beach; even if she is old enough to be our grandmother.  Maybe on second thought…

Then after they are ready to go, she nonchalantly pulls on her shirt.  Well who doesn’t love a free show right?  Too bad no one stuck a few dollars in her bra! 

By Barry and Sallyanne Scott

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