Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miracle Garden-Strike Two

As we celebrate the first day of autumn I am faced with figuring out how my Miracle Garden fared. If you’ve read some of my rants you must have figured out by now that my wife and I really don’t have much of a green thumb.  Black would more like it.  This year for the Miracle Garden, we decided to plant seeds from scratch.  We thought that we could get some fantastic softball sized, succulent tomatoes and torpedo shaped cucumbers.

We decided to get an early start this year, so in February we went to the Comstock-Ferre seed store to browse the seed offerings.  If you like gardening, this is the place.  It’s an historic building in the heart of Old Wethersfield.  Creaky floors, dusty tables, and cubbies filled with dozens of varieties of every fruit and vegetable imaginable.  We got a few varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers and promptly misplaced the packets.  It was April when we resurfaced.  We procrastinated for a while longer and then finally planted them in peat pots.  A few days later the plants began to sprout.  This was a good sign.  As soon as any danger of frost passed, we planted them in the Miracle Garden.  We even set up a soaker hose to make sure that these babies got enough water.  Sun was no problem due to the great weather we were having.  I had so many sprouts that I gave the extras to my niece and nephew.  More on that later. 

May comes and the plants are sort of growing.  Sort of growing means that they were not dying, which is a good thing.  We continued to water and let the sun shine away.  The cukes slithered their way along the ground spreading their tendrils.  The tomato plants grew tall.  One of them was four feet tall.  The only thing lacking was any actual flowers that would turn into vegetables.  None!  My neighbor was harvesting vegetables as if there was no tomorrow.  I think he was canning sauce. My four-foot plant finally produced a tomato.  Yes, a tomato as in one.  It was about the size of a marble. Or a pea.  Or something in between.  Also, some yellow sort of vegetable that could have been a cucumber was growing.  I wasn’t entirely sure because I’ve never really seen a yellow cucumber.  The chipmunks were kind enough to plant sunflower seeds and we had an abundance of those.  Some weeds added a nice, lush look to the garden as well. 

When I mentioned to my niece and nephew that the Miracle Garden struck out again for the second time, they looked at me with astonishment.  The plants that I had given them were producing so many tomatoes and cucumbers they were exporting the excess to third world countries.  They couldn’t believe that I only had a pea or marble sized tomato and a yellow vegetable-looking thing.  My nephew snidely asked if I had added some fertilizer to the Miracle Garden.  Well, I’m sure you know the answer to that. 

So this year I only spent $7.49 for a pea or marble sized tomato and a yellow maybe cucumber.  The sunflowers and weeds were free.  I think I got off cheap this year.