Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Start of a Great Weekend

Went to Abigail’s Tavern last might with my favorite cousin Cindy and her husband Mark.  Formerly the Pettibone Tavern; It has been a local landmark in Simsbury since 1780.  George Washington was thought to have stopped there during the Revolution.  My wife and I began going there in 2007 and have been enjoying their food ever since.  Oh, and it is rumored to be haunted.    The story goes that Abigail Pettibone was married to a sea captain who was gone for long stretches of time.  Well, you know what is coming next; she got lonely and randy and was enjoying herself with her lover, when lo and behold, Captain Pettibone comes home unexpectedly.  Enraged to find his wife in “flagrante delicto,” he kills them both with an axe.  Ouch!  There have been many reports of paranormal activity in the restaurant.  It was even the subject of a T.A.P.S. investigation; who incidentally, didn’t find any evidence.  Oh well, it is still a good story to tell.

Anyway, my cousin, well actually second cousin, and I have known each nearly all of our lives.  I am five months older than she is, a fact that she has never let me forget.  When her birthday comes around, I revel in the fact that she is getting old too. We also grew up near each other- she in Fairfield, I in Trumbull.  Our mothers were fairly close cousins as well.  Both our mothers are still around, and that is always a topic of conversation because they continue to drive us insane.  Her husband is a terrific guy and they have two daughters whom I absolutely adore.  The great thing is that when we get together, we can yack it up ‘til the cows come home. 

We were seated in a small, comfortable room with a cozy fireplace. I started off with an ice cold, Grey Goose martini and a plate of oysters.  Ahh! A great way to end the week, and begin the weekend.  As always, I think back to the person who first took the plunge and ate a raw oyster.  That guy was brave.  The oysters were on point. Mark ordered a very nice Coppola Syrah. We nibbled on some warm Parmesan bread sitting a pool of extra virgin olive oil.  We ordered another one as the first plate was quickly dispatched.   

My wife had the Maine Lobster Pasta, Cindy the Atlantic Ocean swordfish (a favorite of mine) and Mark and I went with the Free Range Chicken with Portabellas. As always the service was impeccable and the entrees cooked to perfection.  We talked all night about our kids, other family members, work, books, movies, politics, and everything and anything.   For dessert my wife and I split a Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding and Cindy and Mark split a Crème Brulee.  Yeah, the desserts were exceptionally delicious.  I was pleased that they enjoyed the place so much, as it is probably my favorite restaurant.  We had a great night out and I’m so happy that I can share this journey called life with my favorite ‘cuz and her family.  Can’t wait to see you guys again! 

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