Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Burger Quest Goes South, Literally

The Burger Quest takes us to Duffy’s Sports Grill in Lake Worth, Florida.  Duffy’s is a chain of about two dozen restaurants along the  Florida coast. I go there whenever I visit my mom. It is a great crowd of noisy and friendly people.  The beer is cold and the food is good.  Duffy’s is the official sports grill of the Miami Dolphins.

We arrived on a Monday night and had to wait!  This was unusual because Mondays are slow and there were no games of any significance being played.  We find out it is two for one drink night. Yeah!  After waiting ten minutes, the rather attractive hostess, who was dressed in a softball uniform, sat us at our booth. Televisions are everywhere.  Even in the bathrooms.  Nice touch! The brick walls are covered with memorabilia.  Signed jerseys, pictures, bats, balls, racquets, you name it. We sat underneath Enos Slaughter, Jackie Robinson, Roger Marris and Mickey Mantle.  No co-incidence that Slaughter and Robinson are next to each other.  The green wainscoting added a cozy, comfortable feeling.  Close your eyes and you could be in a Boston pub.

Our very adorable and endowed waitress comes over to take our order.  She is dressed as a cheerleader.  Go Team! They didn’t have any Harpoon, so I get a Sam Summer Ale instead.  Not a minute goes by and she brings me two huge glasses of Sam.  She makes some recommendations, and takes our order.  I get the Rodeo Burger.  Picture this: ½ pound of Angus beef, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and onion rings.  My wife gets a regular, normal, human size cheeseburger.  For fries I get regular, she goes for sweet potato.  They do have an extensive menu of fish, steak, and pasta.  And yes, you can get a veggie burger. 

The order arrives and this hamburger is no joke.  A hippo would have a tough time fitting this into its mouth.  I have to press it down tightly in order to take a bite.  Wonderful.  Tangy BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, fresh roll and very tasty beef.  Cooked perfectly.  The cheddar is nice and sharp and dripping off the burger.  The fries are some of the crispiest and best, yes best, I have ever had.  My wife is raving about her burger too. She thought the meat was very flavorful and had great texture.   The only negative were the o-rings.  Not the best, not even near the best.  They look like ones that you would get at an Applebee’s or Chili’s.

I struggle to finish this burger, but cannot.  I finally throw in the towel.  I am full.  Very full.  I have met my match. My burger Waterloo. This was very good.  The combination of flavors and textures were near perfect.  Each ingredient of the burger stood up well and didn’t overwhelm the others.  It was hot, fresh and beautifully presented.  We were impressed. 

My wife decides to order dessert.  I really didn’t think this was a great idea.  I can barely move and my jeans are kind of tight.  She doesn’t listen and orders Crunchy Fried Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Oh boy!  Well, I have to take one for the team.  Picture this—a piece of New York style cheesecake, deep fried (of course) and served with ice cream, topped with real whipped cream dripping with hot caramel sauce.  Hot crispy coating, warm dense cheesecake.  Sweet, cold ice cream.  You do the math.  It was outstanding, off the hook, out of bounds, a home run. 

Over the years I have had other meals at this place and each one was good.  The service, ambience and value is excellent.  My only regret is that it is so far away.  This was one of my favorite places and favorite burgers.  Now back home!

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