Friday, May 13, 2011

Tanning Beds

Ah, the air is warming up, the leaves have popped, and summer is just around the corner. So how do you get ready for summer?  Well if you go to Planet Fitness it is obviously spending time, not working out, but chillin’ in the tanning beds.  I mean, why sit in the sun for hours soaking in those harmful ultra violet rays.  Simply sit in a modified coffin for a few minutes and voila, instant tan.  How healthy! And youthful! 

I read a few studies and they don’t really put tanning beds in a good light.  Ha. Ha. Light. Anyway, according to one study they said that tanning beds were as harmful as, get this arsenic.  Arsenic as you may have heard, is extremely poisonous.    “Kathy Banks, chief executive of The Sunbed Association, a European trade association of tanning bed makers and operators says, "The fact that is continuously ignored is that there is no proven link between the responsible use of sunbeds and skin cancer." She said most users of tanning beds use them less than 20 times a year.”

I like that, responsible use of a sunbed. What would be an irresponsible use?  More than 20?  Who knows?  Kathy Banks, certainly doesn’t.  I know what you are thinking, Barry, you were a smoker, right? yes I used to smoke.  But I quit, after getting the memo about the whole smoking-cancer-link thingy.  I also exercise regularly, and am meticulous about the food I eat.  Except when I go to 5Guys. You get to a certain age and well, you need to start thinking about putting off the Grim Reaper for as long as possible. 

By the way, while people of all ages use tanning beds, the majority are under 30.  Great Britain, not known for its plethora of sunny days, has reported that melanoma, the most deadliest form of skin cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed of women in their twenties!!! 

When did looking like a carton of orange juice become sexy?  Anyway, if you want to look healthy try this.  Exercise.  Leave the fake tans to idiots of the world like Snooki or John Boehner. 

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