Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Imporvement, Part 2

Being the good uncle that I am, I gathered up my strength and met my nephew, to continue working on his hardwood floor.  As I said a few days ago we are installing bamboo.  Bamboo is classified as a hardwood, but is actually a grass.  It is eco-friendly because it grows so quickly. It is also absolutely gorgeous to look at.  This particular style has a soft yellow color that mellows with age.  The grain is beautiful too. The nodes or “knuckles” give bamboo that distinctive look.

The day after we started the floor I was barely able to get out of bed.  I’m in pretty good shape but ten hours of squatting and kneeling took its toll.  My glutes, quads and hammies were all screaming in agony.  Thankfully on Tuesday they were just murmuring in agony.  We divided the labor, I would work on the floor he would work in the closet.  We bantered about the usual coming out and going into the closet jokes.  Curiously enough, they didn’t get old. We made tremendous progress.   At about nine I had to throw in the hammer.  We ended up more than halfway done.  I promised to return on Saturday to help finish. 

When they were looking for a house, one of the prerequisites was a lot of land.  That comes at a price.  The price being they needed to move out in the country.  They actually moved east of the middle of nowhere.  I thought I would simply use my GPS and be on my way.  Unfortunately, my GPS would not get a signal.  Now I have to follow his directions. He said go out take a left and then a quick right.  Somehow, my brain heard the opposite. Maybe it was being tired, maybe it was the few beers that made me not process that vital piece of information.  We will never know.   It was a very stormy night on Tuesday.  No moon, and since we are east of the middle of nowhere, no streetlights either.  As a matter of fact no light at all, just various shades of black.   I’m driving around and getting hopelessly lost.  It must have been divine intervention because I ended up back at his street.  A quick call to him and he sends me on my way. 

For some strange reason, gas stations are not found in abundance east of the middle of nowhere. I thought that I had enough gas to get there and back. However, I didn’t figure on the little side trip to west of the middle of nowhere.  Just as I get on the highway and breathe a sigh of relief, my low fuel light goes on. My predicament is going from bad to worse as my internal high liquid indicator has come on.  “Hmmm, if only cars ran on...” Well, they don’t so I forge ahead.  I finally find a gas station, fill up and head home.  I park the car, race to the bathroom and then throw myself on the couch.  I had DVR’d the Bruins game and gleefully watched them hammer the Lightning.  I will be going back on Saturday to help him finish. Incidentally, the floor is looking gorgeous. 

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